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Polar Express Train Set

Now here is another one of Lionel’s wonderful Christmas story trains, The Polar Express. It began its life with a fantastic Christmas story written back in 1985 and later turned into a wonderful movie in 2004. This Christmas story warms the hearts and dreams of many families today still.

Polar Express Train 300x162 Polar Express

Thanks to Lionel, they just had to reproduce the wonderful Christmas Train The Polar Express train set. The famous train has been reproduced through painstaking reproduction.

Of course, could a train set be far behind? Not to worry, the Lionel Polar Express train set is a painstaking reproduction of the famous train and its magical journey.


One of the 39 Berkshire types that was ordered by the Pere Marquette Railway was the steam locomotive that earned the name engine of The Polar Express.

The famous train was constructed by Lima in 1941 destined to haul “fast-freight”. But with advent of WW II the Polar Express ended up hauling freight between Michigan and Indiana never to haul “fast freight”.

Sometime around 1947 with the big merge of Chesapeake &Ohio with Pere Marquette Railway old #1225 kept very busy until around 1951. It was thought to be the end of the line for #1225 and The Polar Express.

As the story goes back in 1957 #1225 Berkshire was rescued from the scrap heap a yardmaster from C&O took a shine to the “Christmas Day” engine number. #1225 got a painstaking restoration and shot to fame when “The Polar Express” movie was released for Christmas in 2004.

Here is what one happy owner had to say:

Lionel has done it again. This is the large size; G-gauge Polar Express. The train itself is plastic, but very well consturcted. I choice this over the O-gauge because I wanted it for around my Christmas Tree and I have a 5 year old grandson who just loves this train, it is easy to put on track and stays there, the train is not really fast, but just fast enough. (D. Riggens)

Paraphrased for space; read entire comment here.

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